Renon T5 review: The ultimate cheap AirPods-alternative


FIVE STARS – Just a few months after the Renon T2C, the UAE brand Renon releases yet a new pair of cheap truly wireless earbuds. This time, it’s a winner. The Renon T5 is the most complete, best cheap Apple AirPods alternative under 100 AED.

Specs of the Renon T5:

  • Bluetooth 5.0 with AAC codec
  • IPX4 waterproof (sweat and rain resistant)
  • 4+ hours listening on a full charge
  • Charging case can charge earpieces fully 4 times
  • Comes with 3 sizes ear tips and micro-USB cable

Below this review, you will find comparisons between the Renon T5 vs Renon T2C, QCY QS2, KZ S1 hybrid, Mpow M5, SoundPEATS TrueCapsule and SSK BT03.


The Renon T5 is an entirely conventional designed pair of truly wireless earphones. It has stem-like earpieces like on the Apple Airpods – and when you pinch your eyes a bit, it may even look like a black AirPods clone. Or the Honor FlyPods Lite, if you will.

However simple it may look, the design of the Renon T5 is a relief after the strangely experimental Renon T2C. That model had a different style of rubber ear tips, which were only available in one size and didn’t fit everyone equally well. The Renon T5 has a conventional in-ear design. That means it has standard rubber ear tips that come in three sizes and go in your ears.

Renon T5

It’s the central piece of the earphone (the part that goes in your ear), that makes the T5 so good. It’s so compact and well-rounded; it makes sure the Renon T5 is one of the most comfortable truly wireless earphones on the market. You can easily wear this for hours on end – even though the ear tips go entirely in your ear.

The fit is good as well. The T5 stays in your ear while shaking or moving rapidly.

The Renon T5 looks and feels very basic – it’s just functional here. That goes for the charging case too. It’s lightweight and feels a bit cheap, it can be recharged via micro-USB only, and it can charge the earpieces three times fully before needing a recharge itself.

The battery life of the earpieces is a little more than 5 hours on a single charge. Just as good as the $280 Apple AirPods Pro. Ahum – sorry for that. In the sub 25 dollars price class, this is as good as it gets.


Unlike the Renon T2C, the Renon T5 has very straightforward touch controls. It lost the function to slide over the entire stems to change the volume but works solidly in the basics.

With two touches, you play or pause the music. Tap the right bud for a long second, and you’ll advance to the next track. Tap the left one for a long second to return a song. By tapping the left side three times, you activate the voice assistant on your smartphone.

What’s great is that the Renon T5 lets you switch instantly between using two or one earpieces. Just put one of the earbuds in the case and continue to listen on the other. Pick it up again, and you immediately enter stereo mode again.

The connectivity of the Renon T5 is stellar. The Bluetooth 5.0 connection keeps perfectly stable around 10 meters, even when there are walls between you and your smartphone. It remains stable in areas crowded with wireless signals as well, no matter if you’re sitting still, walking, or cycling. Last but not least, the earpieces pair fast – they’re likely already connected when you put them in your ears.

Just a shame about the lack of volume control, then.


There’s one control function yet unmentioned. By tapping the right bud three times, you activate a special Gaming Mode. It reduces the delay in the sound while playing games, and it does so with great effect.

QCY T5 gaming mode tested review.jpg

The sound on action-packed games on both Android and iPhone, is much more in sync with the gaming mode activated. Renon heavily advertises this function – and it delivers. Synchronization is faster than on practically all the other wireless earphones reviewed on this site. It’s still not as accurate as wired earphones, but at least it comes pretty close.

The sound can distort on some moments, though, which can only be overcome by tapping the right side three times again. It’s not flawless then – but still, this is a great function to have.

As a whole, audio-video synchronization is stunning on the Renon T5 even without the gaming mode. Playback is proper on Android devices with Bluetooth 5.0 and also on the iPhone. Videos in the YouTube app are almost in sync without the gaming mode, and entirely in sync with the gaming mode on. That’s a unique performance on the iPhone.

The call quality of the Renon T5 is good as well, as long as you stay indoors. The excellent microphone makes you come through loud and clear on the other end of the line. It’s doable to have a long phone call without any problems in connection or speech quality. In more crowded office spaces, some noises may slip in your conversation and it’s better to seek a quiet area. Outside, wind noise comes through and there can be tiny crackles and beeps in the line.

The good call quality, audio-video synchronization, and specific gaming mode make the Renon T5 the most complete ultra-cheap wireless earphone to date. This is the total


When it comes to the sound quality, the Renon T5 continues on the qualities the T2C, QS2, and T3 already have. There is a difference, however.

The T5 has the same clear mids and highs that the previous models were known and loved for. Both male and female vocals come through with big clarity and liveliness. There are pushed forward in the sound and take a central role, without ruling out other instruments and frequencies. Instruments in the mids and highs, such as cymbals, drums, and piano, sound clear. Happily, they aren’t exaggerated and don’t sound harsh. Sibilance (the presence of sss-tones in vocals and cymbals) is kept at a minimum too.

The amount of detail is, once again, convincing. The T5 has good stereo imaging and offers musical details to the left and right of you.

Still, the Renon T5 does sound a bit different than its predecessors. It doesn’t have the same bass impact. When you put the T2C, QS2, and T3 in and press them deeply, they all deliver a sweet, deep bass thump. The T5 has plenty of bass, but less of a thump. Don’t expect the biggest bass kick or an ever rumbling sub-bass here. It’s more controlled than that.

Lower-mids enjoy plenty of presence and color the music with their warmth, without playing a foreground role. On some occasions, male vocals can miss their dark, raw edge – because they sound brighter than on other earphones. Most of the time, the musical picture is just right – with impact and detail within the different frequencies.

Whether you want to turn up the bass yourself in an equalizer or not, the Renon T5 always delivers top-class upper-mids and highs. It’s one of the most allround and balanced wireless earphones you can get for this price.



With its stem-design and the same price, the SoundPEATS TrueCapsule is a direct competitor to the Renon T5. The Renon is more comfortable because of the tinier earpieces, and its touch controls respond better. Battery life is a bit better too. The TrueCapsule has a more pronounced bass and a warmer sound, but the T5 is the complete package due to the gaming mode and rapid switching between one and two earpieces.


The later released $25 SoundPEATS TrueDot is another wireless earphone that sounds warm and balanced. The T5 is a bit brighter than the TrueDot, with more emphasis on vocals and higher notes. It does control its highs better, however. The TrueDot has more bass presence and depth and offers better instrument placement within its soundstage. Dynamics on the TrueDot are also better, with better definition in both the lows and highs when songs become crowded.


The Renon T5 with stem-design feels more comfortable in the ears than the newly released and top-rated Edifier X3, due to smaller ear parts. It also handles audio-video synchronization for playing games better than the Edifier. The X3 has around 1,5 hours battery life more, however, and musically, it brings in a heavier bass-slam and more body in the lower-mids. The T5 has a more refined bass, and it sounds smoother and more natural in its mids and highs. The Edifier throws in a more dynamic character. You can’t go wrong with one of those two.


The Renon T5 is a fantastic all-round package for its price. It’s comfortable, delivers solid call quality, brilliant connectivity and great audio-video synchronization, even in games. Meet the most practical TWS and the best AirPods-alternative under 100AED.


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